HSC Public Affairs

The HSC Public Affairs department is responsible for external and internal communication. Through its external communication program, HSC Public Affairs: prepares news releases, writes feature stories, responds to media queries, handles interview requests, sets up news conferences and other media events.



Contact Us

Mailing Address/Office Location

1000 Stanford NE
(corner of Marble & Stanford)
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131

Contact Information

Public Affairs Email
Fax: (505) 272-3680

After-Hours Contact

To contact HSC Public Affairs on weekends or after hours, call the UNM Hospital switchboard at 272-2111 and ask the operator to page the HSC Public Affairs on-call representative. Leave your phone number and your call will be returned promptly.

Luke Frank(photo)

Luke Frank
Media Relations Manager
Phone: (505) 272-3679

Press Releases from Luke

Cindy Foster (photo)

Cindy Foster
Senior Public Affairs Representative
Phone: (505) 272-0260

Press Releases from Cindy

Press Releases

HSC Press Releases are available here.

Patient Conditions

For patients involved in newsworthy events, the HSC Public Affairs on-call representative can provide the patient’s condition, if available. The conditions used by UNM Hospital are:

  • Critical
    Immediate Threat to Life: Patient may be conscious or unconscious. Vital signs are unstable and indicators may be unfavorable. Patients are on life support.

  • Serious
    Possible Threat to Life: Patient is acutely ill, may be conscious or unconscious. Vital signs are stable. Indicators are questionable.

  • Satisfactory
    No Probable Threat to Life: Patient may be uncomfortable, but is conscious, alert, awake and able to communicate with staff. Patient is not intubated. Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Indicators are favorable.

  • Undetermined
    Patient awaiting physician and assessment.

Under the new Federal privacy law, it is required that you provide the patient’s name when requesting a condition. To avoid confusion and wrong information, the Public Affairs on-call representative will not be able to provide a condition without the patient's name.