Faculty Contracts Office

Important Dates


Friday, October 2nd  

For Payment at the End of October


Faculty Orientations


September 30th, 9 - 11 am -  HSCL Bldg, Rm 130J

October 1st, 9 - 11 am -  HSCL Bldg, Rm 130J

October 30th, 9 - 11 am -  HSCL Bldg, Rm 130J

November 2nd, 9 - 11 am -  HSCL Bldg, Rm 130J

The Health Sciences Center Faculty Contracts Office (HSC FCO) was established in July of 2011, to serve as the expert resource to the Health Sciences Center college and department leadership and staff on all aspects of faculty employment.  The HSC FCO is responsible for the review and processing of HSC Faculty employment transactions including contracts, recruitment, hiring, and benefit orientations.  Our office provides customer service and consultation regarding all aspects of faculty employment for UNM’s Health Sciences Center including:

    Faculty Provisioning
    Letter of Offer Review
    Annual FIBCI and Faculty Contract Renewals
    Faculty Contract Revisions
    Faculty and Post Doctoral Fellow Benefit Orientation
    Post Doctoral Hires and Contract Renewals
    Nonstandard Payment Processing
    SOM Position Review Committee Requests
    UNMJobs Support and Processing
    Visiting Scholars
    Separations and Retirements (CON and COP)
    Faculty Sick Leave, Leave Without Pay and Sabbaticals (CON and COP)

Prior to establishing the HSC Faculty Contracts Office in July of 2011, our team served the School of Medicine and was known as The School of Medicine Faculty Hiring and Contracts Office (FHCO), which was established in July of 2008.  We are currently working to update information on this website to include the entire HSC Campus (School of Medicine, College of Nursing and College of Pharmacy).