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Pager Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, yes, but only the Exchange (middle set of numbers). 505-951-XXXX will become 505-380-XXXX. If you need help, just remember “951 is not the one! 380 is good to go!”

All of the scheduled times have ended. You can still swap (or return pagers) by contacting UNMH Communications at or 272-2228.

Yes! We are working together to transition the pagers. Departments will be contacted after the swap as we “true up” all the accounts and bills. UNM IT is not supporting the Spok pagers. If you need to continue your relationship with Contact Paging, please contact UNMH Communications at 272-2228 and we can guide you.

Pagers that are not swapped by 11/30/2016 and have not made other arrangements will be disconnected. Departments may be responsible for the costs Contact Paging assesses for pagers not turned in.

Anyone still needing to swap out a pager that works nights/weekends should contact UNMH Communications at 272-2228 to make arrangements.

Most off site locations have already been swapped out or arrangements made. If your off site area is still in need of swapping out pagers please contact or 272-2228 to coordinate the swap out.

We are not quite ready to start supporting the Spok Smartphone App yet for secure message delivery. Watch for announcements during the winter! . Please know that not all ways to send email are appropriately secure for ePHI so don’t send ePHI to pagers via email unless you have checked first.

One of the main reasons we’re doing this change is to make it appropriate to deliver ePHI to pagers used at the Hospitals and HSC. Spok pagers are encrypted. It is recommended that if you receive ePHI on your pager you set a lock/PIN on the device.

The vast majority of the data in Amion is now correct. If you find something that is not correct, please contact the department that maintains the call list with the error or UNMH Communications at or 272-2228.

Not yet. This will be supported by the SPOK paging App, coming in the winter.

No. This is a very separate initiative from the work UNMH Clinical Applications is doing to allow for media in the record.

Please report any issues regarding pagers to UNMH Communications or 272-2228. We will need to know specifics in order to help trouble shoot the issue such as how you are paging, what application/system you are paging from and what the pager number is with the issues.