HEROs - Health Extension Rural Offices

HEROs - Health Extension Rural OfficesThe goal of the Health Extension Rural Offices (HEROs) is to link community priority health need with UNM HSC resources to achieve measurable improvement in health status.NMSU (via theirCooperative Extension Program) and the DOH (via County Health Councils) will participate as active partners. HEROs grew out of community input and recommendations as to how the HSC can best help communities achieve greater capacity to address their own needs and improve their measures of health.

HERO Agents:

  • LIVE in community
  • LINK local health needs with UNM resources
  • IMPROVE local health services and systems
  • ENCOURAGE youth to finish school, enter health careers
  • RECRUIT and retain a local health workforce
  • BRING latest research and health care practices to community
  • STRENGTHEN community capacity to address local health problems

To learn more about HEROs contact:
Regional Coordinators
Juliana Anastasoff, MS - JAnastasoff@salud.unm.edu
Francisco J. Ronquillo, PA - FRonquillo@salud.unm.edu
Marnie Nixon - MNixon@salud.unm.edu