Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Children are the Future

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The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is responsible for providing specialized pediatric emergency care, education and research within the University Hospital System for the children of New Mexico and the Southwest.


New Pediatric Emergency Department

The Pediatric Emergency Department has been providing specialized pediatric emergency services to children since 1994 at UNMH. On June 9th, 2007, the PED opened in the Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavilion, a new state of the art and architecturally beautiful hospital expansion that includes a new UNM Children's Hospital. A team of dedicated doctors, nurses, technicians and ancillary staff in the PED along with a host of pediatric specialties provide in depth diagnosis and treatment for children.


Online Education Modules

The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is active in many educational endeavors. Medical training is provided for medical students and residents. Paramedics, nursing students and technicians all receive specialized pediatric emergency training in the PED.

Online continuing education modules using advanced multimedia technologies and streaming video are being produced and available for all healthcare providers.

Annual Clinical Advances in Pediatric Emergency Medicine conferences are sponsored by the department in February. Also in the future are plans to offer a fellowship program in Pediatric Emergency Medicine.


Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Research

Faculty of the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine are involved in many areas of research, funding and product development.

  • Disaster Response for Children (Field Manual Development)
  • Human Simulator Education-Pediatric Cases
  • Causative Agents of Conjunctivitis
  • School Emergencies
  • Injury Prevention

Questions regarding any of these areas of research activity may be directed to: kschafer@salud.unm.edu. She will forward questions to the appropriate faculty member.