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UNM Hospital Board of Trustees

University of New Mexico Hospital's Board of Trustees oversees the hospital's clinical operations to ensure it can keep providing high-quality care and supporting education and research at the university's Health Sciences Center. The board's members must represent the diverse community the hospital serves.

Board Members

  • Debbie Johnson, chair
  • Jerry McDowell, vice-chair
  • Christine Glidden, secretary
  • Erik Lujan
  • Nick Estes
  • Raymond Loretto, DVM
  • Aimee Smidt, M.D.
  • A. Joseph Alarid

Ex-Officio Members(Non-Voting) 

Chaouki T. Abdallah
Interim President
University of New Mexico
(Office) 277-2626

Paul B. Roth, M.D., FACEP
Chancellor for Health Sciences
Dean, School of Medicine
(Office) 272-5849 

Irene Agostini, M.D.
Health System Chief Medical Officer
UNM Health Sciences Center
(Office) 272-2549

Steve McKernan
Chief Executive Officer, UNM Hospitals
Chief Operating Officer, UNM Health System
(Office)  272-2121

Michael Richards, M.D.
Executive Physician-in-Chief
UNM Health Sciences Center
(Office)  272-1175

Jennifer K. Phillips, M.D.
Chief of Staff
UNM Hospitals
(Office) 272-2165

Student Regent
Cell: (505) ___-____
Term:  _____________________  (Regent Appointed)

Commissioner Maggie Hart-Stebbins
Bernalillo County
(Office) 468-7108

Meeting Notices, Agendas & Minutes

Board meetings usually take place at 9 a.m. the last Friday of the month at:

Barbara & Bill Richardson Pavilion
conference room 1500
2211 Lomas Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

All documents are in PDF format.

2017 Board of Trustees Documents
06/02/17Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
05/19/17Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]MinutesePacket
04/28/17Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]MinutesePacket
03/31/17Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
02/24/17Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
02/14/17Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket
01/27/17Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
01/10/17Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket
2016 Board of Trustees Documents


Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]


Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket
11/30/16TeleconferenceMinutes [PDF]ePacket
11/18/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
10/18/16Canceled due to lack of quorum.
09/30/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
08/26/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
07/29/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
06/24/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
05/20/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
04/29/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
03/25/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
02/26/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
02/01/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket
01/29/16Notice [PDF]Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]ePacket [PDF]
For archived documents please email: Fontaine Whitney.
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