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Nursing Intern, Extern & Residency Programs

Advance your nursing skills and education through an externship, internship or residency at University of New Mexico Hospitals. You gain access to support, opportunities and resources that will help you provide the best possible care to New Mexicans.

Nurse Extern Program

Nurse externs provide routine, basic patient care and assist nursing staff in complicated procedures. As an extern, you’ll have opportunities to attend clinical education classes in the BATCAVE Healthcare Simulation Program.

You’re eligible for an externship if you:

  • Are in good standing in a nationally accredited nursing program.
  • Have completed the basic nursing skills course and the first semester of an acute care clinical course in an accredited nursing program.

For more information, read the nurse extern job description [PDF] or email Karim Kassam at the University of New Mexico College of Nursing.

Nurse Intern Program

Nurse interns help provide patient care and assessments under a registered nurse’s (RN’s) direct supervision. Clinical education professionals in the BATCAVE Healthcare Simulation Program provide hands-on instruction.

You’re eligible for an internship if you:

  • Are a senior level student in good standing in a nationally accredited nursing program.
  • Have completed a basic nursing skills course and first semester acute care clinical course.
  • Are enrolled in the UNM College of Nursing N-429 Nurse Intern Professional Role Development course.
  • Meet other requirements listed in the nurse intern job description [PDF].

During the first semester of the internship, you’ll work on the schedule of a preceptor identified upon your hire. You may work other shifts with approval from the preceptor and faculty.

Intern Class

The class is one credit, or 16 hours over the semester. Seminars will concentrate on professional communication and additional topics of interest identified by you and other interns. No tests or papers are required. Your grade comes entirely from participating and meeting professional standards, so you must attend class.

Apply for an Internship

To apply for an internship, talk to the nurse manager of a unit you’re interested in. Email Mary Blessing for help identifying places to intern.

For more information about the intern program, email Marisa Francis at the University of New Mexico College of Nursing.

Nurse Residency Program

As a recent graduate of nursing school, you become a nurse resident when hired into University of New Mexico Hospitals. Your residency provides mentorship and ongoing education that help you close the gap between school and clinical practice.

Residency Criteria

To gain acceptance into our nurse residency program, you must:

  • Have graduated from an accredited nursing program and not worked as an RN.
  • Hold an RN license or permit to practice as a graduate nurse in New Mexico.
  • Be willing to work full-time as a fully participating member of the clinical team.
  • Be willing to attend all of the general and specialized classes and other learning experiences.

What to Expect

Count on support from the nurse residency program director, master’s-prepared nurse educators and skilled preceptors throughout your first year as a nurse. Build bedside skills and gain confidence as you commit to University of New Mexico Hospitals and the nursing profession.

During your first year, you’ll complete an evidence-based project that includes a literature search and review. You’ll present your findings to colleagues and the hospital community.

Begin your residency program in January, June or September. Within 60 days of hire, take the National Council Licensure Examination for registered nurses (NCLEX-RN®) to make sure you’re prepared to practice as an entry-level nurse.

Email the nurse residency team for more information.
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