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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Since 2010, the UNM Health Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) has helped ensure you get the most effective and sensitive medical care possible, regardless of your race, ethnicity or group identity.

Our vision is to become a nationally recognized leader in diversity, equity and inclusion in U.S. health care – to be sought after for our innovation, creativity, significant results and expertise.

Your Rights & Responsibilities

Read about patient rights and responsibilities [PDF] to know what you should expect – and what’s expected of you – during medical care.

DEI Programs

Your care is important to our office and the community, so you’ll find programs for Native Americans, the LGBT community and non-English-speaking or hearing-impaired speakers. You’ll also learn how to improve your health literacy – the ability to find, understand and use health information.

Through data collection and analysis, community collaboration, cultural training, education and counseling, we work to improve our processes and provide exceptional care to all patients.

Impacting Diverse Populations

DEI’s goal is identifying and addressing health disparities in patient care at UNM Health – an aim that’s especially important as our patient population becomes more diverse. According to the Institute of Medicine, health disparities are “racial or ethnic differences in the quality of healthcare that are not due to access-related factors or clinical needs, preferences, and appropriateness of intervention.”

The Four Cs

As one of five groups that guide DEI, the executive-level DEI Steering Committee focuses on governance, leadership and systems. Our office also includes the Four Cs task forces:

  • Compliance drives data collection and analysis, as well as compliance with national standards.
  • Community encourages mutually beneficial community engagement and partnerships.
  • Competence focuses on access to services, as well as staff cultural competency, training and development.
  • Care steers our patient involvement, creating a culturally and linguistically appropriate care model and processes.

Compliance & Resources

Learn more about the national requirements and recommendations for diversity, equity and inclusion, which shape our approach to care.

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