GroupWise Access

New Methods for Accessing GroupWise

In order to provide service reliability we have changed the way that you can access GroupWise to see your old messages and archives.

On-Campus Access and via theHSC-Secure Wireless

While on campus using the wired or HSC-Secure wireless networks you can access the GroupWise Web Access directly from this link.

From Off-Campus and via the HSC-Guest Wireless

You can access the GroupWise client from the Citrix Access Gateway. Logon using your HSC NetId and password. Under the application section you will find a GroupWise folder and in that folder will be a shortcut labeled GroupWise Archive Access.  For more detailed instructions on how to access GroupWise via Citrix, please see the Archival Access Guide for opening GroupWise in Citirx on the HSC Email Project Site.