What are Student Pipeline Programs?

A strong indicator of the UNM HSC’s commitment to diversity and health equity is the HSC Office for Diversity’s educational programs Hope, Enrichment, And Learning Transform Health in New Mexico (HEALTH NM).

HEALTH NM comprises a series of highly integrated pipeline programs preparing underserved and underrepresented students for academic success and social readiness to enter and graduate from a health professions program. The overall goal of HEALTH NM to diversify the health professions workforce by expanding and supporting opportunities for individuals from underserved and disadvantaged backgrounds. To expand and support such opportunities, HEALTH NM provides programming, partnerships, and community-based networks to further develop a talented and diverse applicant pool of qualified individuals health professions programs through effective recruitment, retention, matriculation, and graduation efforts. Additionally, HEALTH NM seeks to address the academic and social needs of disadvantaged students, thereby improving their recruitment, retention, matriculation, and graduation rates for health professions programs.