Student Testimonials

Anissa Gallegos, Dream Makers Health Careers Program Participant and BA/MD Student

  • “Dream Makers helped me realize my dream of becoming a doctor in rural New Mexico,” said Anissa Gallegos, UNM student. In 2011, she was accepted to UNM’s Combined BA/MD Program.

Crystal Vasquez, UHSEP Participant 

  • “UHSEP gave me the confidence of a lifetime! It can be really intimidating competing with students with a private school education, through UHSEP I was able to understand there are opportunities for students like me to succeed. The experience showed me it’s never too late to be just as great as those other students who have had better educational opportunities!” 

Dukens LaBlaze, MCAT+ Participant 

  • “MCAT+ provided me with an avenue to improve on an important and vital part of the medical school admissions process. It allowed me to put everything aside and to concentrate on studying an preparing for the MCAT+. Because of what it provided I saw an extraordinary increase in my score which allowed me to be in the PReP program I matriculate into the UNM School of Medicine in July 2013.”  
  • “There is a gap between in schools and underrepresented minorities and the Office of Diversity provides programs that help underrepresented students be more prepared and have a more competitive application.” 

Michael Manzanares, DAT+ Participant

  • “I believe that the assistance provided to me through the HEALTH NM DAT+ Program will have a lasting impact on my community in the near future. I hope that in three and a half years when I graduate, I will have the opportunity to return to my hometown and provide high quality dental care...” 

Erika Garcia, MD Clovis, NM, UHSEP and NM CLinED Program Participant 

  • “Spending 6 weeks in a small rural town during the Clinical Education Program made me aware of the health disparities in small rural New Mexican communities. The biggest impact that is immediately felt in my community is that I am filling a cultural void with Spanish speaking individuals especially females.”