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HSC Compliance & Support Offices

Human Research Protections Office The Human Research Protections Office (HRPO) promotes the safety and protection of individuals involved in human research by providing support, guidance, and education to facilitate ethical and scientifically sound research.
Conflicts of Interest The HSC's Conflicts of Interest Office protects the integrity, trust, and respect of UNM, its academic community and its research activities. It enables compliance with applicable laws and other regulatory requirements to protect investigators who may be exposed to conflict of interest situations.
Office of Animal Care Compliance The Office of Animal Care Compliance (OACC) will promote the “three R’s” of replacement, refinement, and reduction when reviewing animal care and use protocols, and will provide services and resources that investigators need to accomplish their research goals
Export Control
The export of commodities, software, and technology is regulated by the US Department of Commerce. UNM is committed to export control compliance.
Scientific Review Committee The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) reviews the scientific merit of proposals requesting use of archived human specimens in the Human Tissue Repository or other UNM HSC Satellite Repositories, as well as specimens from UNMH Surgical Pathology.
Biohazard Compliance The Biohazard Compliance Office protects personnel, patients, and others from exposure to infectious agents or other viable research biological materials that may cause harm to them or others.
Compliance Office
The Compliance Office assists the HSC community in complying with Federal laws--whether they apply to research, HIPAA, billing, etc.
Grants Management Preaward
This is the office where grants, contracts, and other agreements that benefit researchers at the HSC originate. Services provided by the Grants Management Office include reviewing, approving, negotiating, and advising HSC investigators who are seeking external funding.
The technology commercialization process begins with an idea from a UNM inventor and culminates with the introduction of that invention or technology into the marketplace. At UNM, the STC assists with this process.
Radiation Safety Office
The Radiation Safety staff is responsible for ensuring the safety of individuals using ionizing radiation (radioactive materials and radiation producing materials) at the UNM Campus and in other locations where these items may be used by University faculty and Staff. Our objective is the protection of people and the environment from unnecessary exposure to radiation.
Research Administration Forum and Training (RAFT)
RAFT sessions include updates and training in the areas of grants administration, research compliance, research billing, human resources, and other topics of relevance to research administration.
Shared Facilities Faculty, staff, and student research is also assisted by numerous UNM Health Sciences Center facilities.
Human Tissue Oversight
The Office of Research governs the collection, storage and dissemination of human research tissues using an admnistrative structure jointly sponsored by the Department of pathology and the Cancer Research and Treatment Center (CRTC).  A central human tissue respository, a tissue repository database, and the human tissue holdings in all satellite UNM human tissue repositories and the electronic connections between these satellite repositories and the central repository is hereinafter referred to as the Human Tissue Repository (HTR).  The UNM Office of Research oversees the HTR for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.