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The Scientific Review Committee

The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) reviews the scientific merit of proposals requesting use of archived human specimens in the Human Tissue Repository or other UNM HSC Satellite Repositories, as well as specimens from UNMH Surgical Pathology. Members of the SRC are appointed by the Senior Associate Dean for Research at the UNM HSC.

For more information, please contact Karen Capobianco (505-272-1127 or src@salud.unm.edu).

Download the UNM HSC Office of Research's Policy for Oversight of Human Tissue in Research.


The Senior Associate Dean for Research appoints the Scientific Review Committee (SRC) to assess the scientific merit of proposals requesting use of archived human specimens. This is in accordance with National Cancer Institute Best Practice guidelines. The SRC is composed of voting ex officio members, regular members, and ad hoc members (principal investigators of satellite repositories). Ex officio members include a UNM Human Tissue Repository (HTR) Director (either the Medical or Scientific Director), a member of the New Mexico Cancer Care Alliance Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee (PRMC) and a UNM surgical pathologist. There are three or more additional regular members broadly representative of the clinical and research communities of UNM HSC including at least one epidemiologist or biostatistician. Regular members serve a three year term.

Evaluation Process

The quorum needed to decide on a protocol requires a simple majority in support (including voting ad hoc members as well as regular members).

If no member of the SRC has expertise relevant to the proposal, a subject matter expert(s) may be recruited by the SRC from inside or outside the UNM HSC community to assist in evaluating the scientific merit of the study. This expert will serve as a consultant without voting privileges. For a proposal involving specimens from a source other than the UNM HTR such as an affiliated but separate UNM specimen bank, the Principal Investigator who oversees those satellite specimens will serve as a temporary ad hoc member of the SRC with a vote on that protocol.

Turnaround Time for Evaluation

The SRC is regularly scheduled to review and discuss proposals the third Friday of every month. The proposals must be submitted to the SRC by the Wednesday seven business days earlier to make the agenda. The turnaround time for decision averages 8 days from the submission deadline. Amendments or more information may be requested before approval occurs. Deadlines for submissions are subject to change. Please check the submission information page for submission deadlines as well as an updated version of the SRC application.

Overview of the Evaluation Process
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