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Larry A Sklar, PhD


Contact Information:
MSC 08 4640
Albuquerque NM 87131-0001


SOM Pathology Department

Signal transduction, cell adhesion, Leukocyte Biology, High Throughput technologies for molecular assembly and drug discovery

Flow Cytometry
High-Throughput Drug Discovery

Big questions:

  • How can flow cytometry be used in high-throughput systems for drug discovery?
  • What are the molecular interactions that occur at cell surfaces and lead to intracellular signaling?
  • Flow cytometry
NM Integrated Discovery
  • Target expression and physiology (Prossnitz)
  • Analysis of ligand-receptor and protein-protein interactions; display and assembly on particles; solubilization of TM proteins (Sklar)
  • High throughput flow cytometric screening (Edwards); front-end sample handling (Buranda, Zwartz)
  • Virtual screening and cheminformatics for small molecule drug discovery (Oprea)
  • Probe Chemistry and Synthetic Optimization (Arterburn, ChemDiv)
Cell Adhesion: Real-time Analysis
  • Ligand affinity (fluorescent native ligands and small molecules)
  • Fluorescent LDV small molecule binds to VLA-4 (Chigaev, Larson)
  • Cell avidity under “single bond”conditions
  • Comparison of cellular and molecular rates (Chigaev, Zwartz)
  • Integrin conformation on live cells using FRET.
  • When VLA-4 is activated it elongates (Chigaev, Buranda)
  • Integrated Shear Device (Zwartz)

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