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Funding, Resources, and Training

Grants.gov The source of finding and applying for federal government grants
InfoEd/Smarts By adding or editing your profile, smarts will send email updates to you of current research funding
Grantsmanship Resources A continuously updated listing of select funding opportunities from NIH, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AHRQ and others.
Grantsmanship Training Seminars Grantsmanship training is offered by the HSC Office of Research in the form of seminars held on a regular basis.
Limited Competitions Due to the nature of limited competitions, each opportunity will have specific submission guidelines. For further information on any limited competition please contact the Office of Research at 272-6950.
Bridge Funding The federal funding environment can be challenging, even for successful investigators. To help mitigate unanticipated gaps in funding that could compromise the function of productive laboratory operations, faculty anticipating a lapse in funding can apply for bridge funding. Instructions can be found at this link.