• Brain and Behavioral Illnesses
• Cancer
• Cardiovascular & Metabolic Disease
• Child Health Research
• Environmental Health Sciences
• Infectious Diseases and Immunity

Research Education
• College of Pharmacy
• School of Medicine

In 2005, the UNM Health Sciences Center reorganized its research efforts into Signature Research Programs to enrich the environment for the advancement of clinical/translational research and to establish comprehensive research programs that have "bench to bedside" and community components. These Programs are focused around critical health problems affecting New Mexico residents and bridge the clinical and basic sciences to more rapidly deliver discoveries in molecular medicine to the clinical setting. In this manner, the Signature Research Programs lower the barriers between disciplines and provide the foundation for productive interdisciplinary research for the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA).

In addition to their established research components, each Signature Research Program supports the training and advancement of the next generation of clinical/translational researchers. As stated in the NIH Roadmap Initiative, the future of Biomedical research requires trainees who will be able "to lead and/or engage in integrative and team approaches to solve complex biomedical and health problems". Meeting this challenge requires an innovative Graduate Program supported by faculty and students with diverse interests who readily cross the boundaries of their disciplines.

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