Signature Research Programs


Signature Program in Child Health Research (SPCHR)

Five Year Strategic Action Plan for the SPCHR

Within five years, we will establish a proactive Signature Program in Child Health Research by:

  • Establishing a network of research collaborations in Child Health across Signature Programs, SOM Departments, COP, and CON;
  • Increasing the number of faculty proposing, successfully applying for and conducting Child Health Research;
  • Increasing the number of structured events that showcase and support Child Health Research;
  • Increasing the utilization of science-based evidence for Child Health program and policy development; and
  • Identifying and maintaining a Steering Committee, CHAG, CHIG, and SPCHAC to guide a series of purposeful decisions driven by the common mission of enhancing and improving the health and well-being of children through collaborative and multidisciplinary science.

The Logic Model shown below identifies the goals, activities, and outcomes for the SPCHR five-year strategic action plan.

5 Year Strategic Plan

Summary: Researchers in child health from University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center envision a Signature Program in Child Health Research that will enhance and improve the health of children of New Mexico through research relevant to New Mexico’s population and generalizable to children everywhere by increasing and supporting the number of scientists conducting research in Child Health, unifying scientists into interdisciplinary teams that focus on topics of common interest, and integrating research into existing clinical service-based programs . We plan to realize this vision by implementing the aims articulated above. We have the experience, expertise, commitment and support necessary to carry out the proposed plans.