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Our collaborative
is composed of four practice based research networks.


PRIME Net expands!

Please see the partners page for news about our three newest member networks, LA Net, Metro Net and SOARnet. There are now a total of eight networks associated with the PRIME-Net network.

What Our Network Does

PRIME Net conducts collaborative primary care research to improve the health and well-being of the multiethnic patients and communities our members serve.

Our members are Practice Based Research Network (PBRN) organizations located through out the United States.

A map representing the member organizations of the PRIME-Net network.

Please click the above map for a larger image .

The member networks are made up of doctors and other health care providers who come together, with support from researchers, to conduct research on topics of collective concern in the field of primary care practice today. Our current research projects include topics such as Hepatitis C, Diabetes and Chronic Non-Malignant Pain.