Grantsmanship Training

The UNM HSC Office of Research supports its investigators in their pursuit of funding opportunities in many ways, including general strategic grantsmanship training and training for specific funding opportunities, e.g., PCORI, SBIR/STTR, CTSC Pilot Program.

New Grantsmanship Training Dates

Strategic Planning for Grant Seekers

If you are interested in developing a strategic approach to the pursuit of extramural funding, this session is for you. In this session, the strategic planning process is scaled down to apply to the development of extramural funding plans. Strategic planning tools, adapted to apply to this planning process, will be discussed and applied to real world examples in the session.

Your time is your greatest resource. Learn how to apply strategy to make your grantsmanship more efficient and effective. This session is open to all HSC faculty and staff.

Strategic Grantsmanship Brown Bag Sessions

These hour-long "brown bag" sessions focus on the discussion of specific strategic grantsmanship topics, with a different subject for each session. Like the other grantsmanship training sessions, these brown bags are led and facilitated by Kelly Byram, MS, MBA.

Participants are encouraged to bring their lunches and questions to these sessions! These sessions are open to all HSC faculty and staff.

29 April 2015 12 – 1 pm    Biostatisticians: Building a Symbiotic Relationship in Clinical Research

The expertise and experience of a research team is critical to the fundability of a research proposal. In this session we will discuss the role of the biostatistician and biostatistics in fundable research. Discussion will center on the importance of robust research design, analysis, and methodologies in the creation of a competitive, fundable research project and how to effectively engage a biostatistician as part of your research team. Special guest: Cristina Murray-Krezan, Research Assistant Professor, Division of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, & Preventive Medicine.

05 May 2015 12 – 1 pm    New NIH Biosketch Strategies

Just a quick reminder that, starting 25 May, the NIH will require that all applications use the new biosketch form. The new biosketch is very different from the old, and it requires a different approach. If you would like to learn more about the new biosketch and strategic approaches for it, you are invited to attend May’s Strategic Grantsmanship Brown Bag session.


PCORI Strategic Proposal Development Seminar

PCORI has unique research design and collaboration requirements, in addition to a proprietary application and extensive proposal requirements. As a result, effective strategies for PCORI proposal development can be very different from those with which many researchers have become accustomed. In order to support researchers interested in pursuing this lucrative funding source, this seminar focuses on collaborative team building, research design, and proposal development strategies specific to the PCORI funding mechanisms.

These sessions are open to all HSC faculty and staff.

Data Management and Sharing Plans

Every great research project needs a plan for data management, and emerging open science standards at funding agencies also require data sharing plans. Developing a HIPAA-compliant data management plan for an IRB proposal is only the first step in developing a dynamic, sustainable plan for your data. This session led by Lori Sloane, System Administrator for the HSLIC Data Management Planning Service, and Kelly Byram, MS, MBA, Program Planning Officer for the HSC, will provide research faculty and staff an overview of data management and sharing plan requirements and tools available to UNM HSC researchers.

These sessions are open to all HSC faculty and staff.

PCORI Information Sessions

PCORI is a growing source of funding and a great opportunity for new and established researchers alike. The competition for PCORI funding is formidable, and PCORI does have some unique requirements, including a specific set of research priorities and research methodologies, required collaborations, and a “paradigm-shifting” research model. UNM HSC faculty and staff interested in learning more about PCORI’s funding opportunities, strategies for effectively pursuing these opportunities, and resources available to UNM HSC researchers pursuing PCORI funding are invited to attend this session.

These sessions are open to all HSC faculty and staff.

PCORI Brainstorming Session

Each month, a two-hour brainstorming session is available for HSC research faculty and staff. In these sessions, attendees discuss possible projects, collaborations, and HSC resources available to support research teams. Past brainstorming sessions have resulted in the development of projects, collaborations, and proposals that have garnered PCORI funding.

These sessions are open to all HSC faculty and staff.

Strategic PCORI Proposal Development

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) offers excellent funding opportunities for researchers interested in patient-centered comparative effectiveness research. As other funding opportunities decline and PCORI’s funding grows, interest in and competition for PCORI’s funding has quickly increased. PCORI’s approach is unique, including requiring researchers to adopt their “paradigm-shifting” research model and seating review panels that include researchers, stakeholders, and patient stakeholders.

In this session, the focus is on strategies for developing a competitive PCORI project and proposal. Discussion will include:

  • PCORI‘s research priorities and methodologies
  • the PCORI application process
  • PCORI’s unique review process and criteria
  • section-by-section writing strategies for the PCORI application
  • resources available to UNM HSC investigators

These sessions are open to all HSC faculty and staff.

Introduction to Strategic Grant Proposal Development

New to grant writing or just want to be more strategic in your pursuit of funding? Learn how to efficiently write strong, strategic grant proposals in this 3-hour grant writing class through the HSC Office of Research. This class is open to all HSC faculty and staff. No previous grant writing experience is needed for this class, although the Introduction to Grantsmanship is a recommended prerequisite for those with little or no general knowledge of grants (i.e., how to find appropriate funding opportunities, the agencies' evaluation processes, etc.).

This workshop is open to all HSC faculty and staff.

Introduction to Grantsmanship

The Introduction to Grantsmanship sessions are designed as an introduction to the basics of grantsmanship for those with little or no experience. Seminar topics include:

  • how and where to find appropriate funding opportunities
  • how to develop a competitive research question and team
  • the agencies’ evaluation criteria and peer review processes
  • overview of techniques for writing competitive, fundable grant applications (this topic is covered in more depth in the Introduction to Grant Proposal Writing Workshop)
  • the funding interests and mechanisms of the Affordable Care Act—including the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

This seminar is open to all HSC faculty and staff.

SBIR/STTR Strategic Grantsmanship Seminar

While the budgets of many federal agencies shrink, funding for innovative R&D through agencies’ SBIR/STTR (Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer) programs increases. Annually, the SBIR budget represents more than $1 billion in research funds.

If you are interested in learning how to strategically access this growing funding source for your research, this introductory session will provide you with the information you need to take your first steps toward SBIR/STTR funding. Seminar topics include:

  • how and where to find SBIR/STTR funding opportunities
  • SBIR vs STTR
  • Phase I, Phase II, and Fast Track
  • Conflict of Interest
  • the review process
  • writing strategies for a strong proposal

This seminar is open to all HSC faculty and staff.