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New VPN for the HSC

In order to modernize HSC’s remote access and improve security and performance, HSC IT rolled out Pulse VPN on Tuesday, Apr. 30. The new service uses Duo multi-factor authentication and requires registration. Existing VPN users can download instructions for Duo registration and VPN installation at the HSC Software Downloads page.  

Please Note: The Cisco Anyconnect VPN will be discontinued in late summer.


Windows Operating Systems End of Life

To promote a healthy support life cycle, several common Microsoft products will reach their end of life/end of support dates in a year or less (January 2020). 

The affected products and corresponding dates are show below. The most prominent impacts are to Windows 7 and early versions of Windows 10.

 If you are using any of these Microsoft products in your organization, please begin the process of upgrading to newer (supported) versions as soon as possible. Continuing to use these products once their end of life passes presents a security risk to the University and prevents students/faculty/staff from leveraging the latest improvements and enhancements.

Product Version

End of Life Date

Windows 10 (1607)


Windows 10 (1703)


Windows 7


Windows 10 (1709)




                          Information about

                Windows Workstation Patching


A Day in Information Technology History ...

August 22, 1955

Following a Los Angeles symposium hosted by IBM, a group of representatives from seventeen groups that had ordered the IBM 704 mainframe computer met at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California. The outcome of the meeting was the first computer user's group, SHARE. The name was chosen to promote the idea of sharing information and programs between installations. The group grew quickly, eventually producing new software and documentation for their IBM computers.