Classroom Support Services

Classroom Support Services develops, promotes, and supports the integration of technology, emerging media, collaboration, and education in classrooms and other shared spaces throughout the HSC. The unit also develops and promotes classroom technology standards throughout the HSC.

We support audiovisual and educational technologies in HSC classrooms in addition to providing tools to facilitate instruction for learners both in the classroom and remotely throughout the state of New Mexico. 

If you are unfamiliar with existing systems or current technology solutions do not meet your instructional needs, you may request a consultation with a Classroom Technologies representative who can offer training or help design a system to meet instructional and collaborative needs.

Training and consultation about the use of classroom technology is available. Request Training or Consultation (login required).

Get Classroom Technology Support

avworkstationsupportimage.jpgAudiovisual support varies depending upon the room and includes projectors, sound reinforcement, as well as integration with collaboration technologies and personal devices.

HSC classrooms are all equipped with a workstation connected to an AV system. Most classrooms are also equipped to use the iClicker audience response system.

If you should encounter any issues or would like to request software be added to this workstation, contact a Classroom Technology representative.

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Lectures, grand rounds, events, demonstrations of clinical procedures, etc. can be recorded for live or on demand viewing via the web. Upon request, a library of related recordings can be created for archiving and reviewing purposes.

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Lecture capture is available in the following locations:

Domenici Center

  • Domenici Auditorium
  • Northeast Building 2410
  • Northwest Building 2720
  • Northwest Building 2740
  • Northwest Building PT2750
  • Northwest Building PT2760
  • Northwest Building 3710
  • Northwest Building 3720
  • Northwest Building 3740
  • Northwest Building 3760

Fitz Hall

  • Room 203
  • Room 303

Innovation, Discovery, & Training Complex

  • Room 1280
  • Room 1290
  • Room 1610

Nursing/Pharmacy Building

  • Room 135
  • Room B115
  • Room 359

UNM Hospital

  • 2ACC Learning Center

Mobile Mediasite Recorder available upon request.

training.jpgVideo Conferencing

Most HSC classrooms are capable of video conferencing utilizing Zoom. To obtain and use a Zoom account, please refer to the instructions on our Zoom page.

Training & Consultation

Training and consultation about the use of classroom technology is available.

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digitalsignage.jpgThe Classroom Technologies Unit operates and maintains digital signage throughout the HSC academic campus.

Digital signage is used to display building/classroom schedules.

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