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News from the CIO

In early 2020, Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows 10 (1709) reached their end of life/ end of support dates. If you are using any of these Microsoft products in your oragnization, please begin the process of upgrading to newer versions as soon as possible.

Continuing to use these products once their end of life passes presents a security risk to the University and prevents students/faculty/staff from leveraging the latest improvements and enhancements.

For help upgrading, please contact HSC IT at 505-272-1694 or submit a request online.

Monthly Unit Reports

Our goal at the HSC CIO is to align our projects and service with the organization's goals and objectives so we can deliver the right value at the right time.

Towards that end, we have developed a monthly production report compiled by each of our IT managers.  We are making every effort to be transparent, responsible, and accountable to our users. Each unit in the report has four sections:

  1. Accomplishments since the last report.
  2. Work in progress.
  3. Metrics and KPIs
  4. Recognition