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Workstation Patching

Monthly HSC Workstation Patching (Educational and Research)

As a reminder, Windows Workstation Operating System patches and updates are available for download and install the last Friday of each month after 8:00 pm as part of our monthly effort to ensure all machines have the latest security updates from Microsoft.

The patching process for HSC (Education and Research units) begins at 8:00 pm on the last Friday of each month and runs for twelve (12) calendar days ending at 6:00 am on the second Wednesday after that.

How will this affect you?

During this time period, HSC IT will automatically download and install Windows Operating System patches and updates to your Windows workstation as part of our regular monthly maintenance. As a result, you will see a restart notification (similar to the one below) in the bottom right-hand side of your desktop prompting you to reboot your computer to complete the installation process. 

What do you need to do?

We highly recommend that you reboot your workstation as soon as possible after you receive the prompt.

If you do not restart your workstation within the designated timeframe a forced reboot will occur and any unsaved work will be lost