Accessible Health Care for New Mexico  

The HSC has created a comprehensive strategic plan through 2023. See how we will accomplish our goals of furthering health care excellence.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our vision: To make more progress in New Mexico's health and health equity than any other state, in collaboration with community partners.  
All New Mexicans should have access to preventive and advanced health care—and the opportunity for an excellent education in the health sciences. This dual belief is ingrained in our values and mission. It drives us every day to provide exceptional services.  
Our values guide our vision:  

  • Excellence in education, patient care and research  
  • Commitment to service, quality and safety  
  • Integrity and accountability   
  • Respect and compassion for all people  
  • Teamwork and collaboration  
  • Providing hope for those we serve  

For a full scope of our goals and objectives, view the UNM HSC strategic plan.

Connect With Us

From health services to health care education, the HSC is here to meet your needs. Browse our departments, find a doctor,  learn about leadership or explore our educational institutions.

Our Mission: Health Education for All New Mexicans 

As a majority-minority state, our mission will ensure that all populations in New Mexico have access to the highest quality health care. In order to realize our vision and mission, we will advance health sciences in the most important areas of human health—starting with the priority health needs of our communities.   

Through a powerful combination of unmatched clinical care and educational advancement, we will achieve the following goals:  

  1. Improve health and health care to the populations we serve with community-wide solutions
  2. Build the workforce of New Mexico by providing a premier education and transformative experience that prepares students to excel in the workplace
  3. Foster innovation, discovery and creativity; and translate our research and discoveries into clinical or educational practice
  4. Provide the environment and resources to enable our people and programs to do their best
  5. Deliver a well-integrated academic health center that provides high quality care and service while being accessible to all New Mexicans
  6. Nurture and embrace an environment of diversity, integrity and transparency