Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource Acknowledgement

Please acknowledge the Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource in publications or grant submissions in which you use images or data generated in the resource. THANKS!!

Suggested acknowledgment:

"Images in this paper were generated in the University of New Mexico & Cancer Center Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource, funded as detailed on: http://hsc.unm.edu/crtc/microscopy/acknowledgement.shtml"

Following publication, please send us one of your reprints or cover images for our records.

The University of New Mexico & Cancer Center Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource acknowledges the following funding for instrumentation purchase or facility support since its opening in 1999.

Current Funding:

NCI 2P30 CA118100 (PI Willman, C.) “UNM Cancer Center Support Grant” 9/25/05-8/31/20

NIGMS 5P50 GM085273 (PI Wilson, B.S.) “Center for the Spatiotemporal Modeling of Cell Signaling Networks (STMC)” 08/01/08-07/31/19

Past Instrumentation Funding:

NCRR 1 S10 RR14668 (PI Wandinger-Ness, A.) “A Zeiss LSM510 Confocal Microscope for Health Sciences Research” 04/01/00-03/31/01

NSF MCB9982161 (PI Wandinger-Ness, A.) “Rab7 and Accessory Protein Function in Late Endocytosis” (Purchase of Hamamatsu digital camera for live cell imaging) 04/01/00-03/31/06

NCRR S10 RR016918 (PI Wandinger-Ness, A.) “Zeiss Axiovert 200 for Live Cell Imaging Project” 08/01/02-04/01/04

NCRR S10 RR19287 (PI Wandinger-Ness, A.) “META Detector and 405 nm Laser” 04/01/04-03/31/05

NCRR 1S10RR025540 (PI Wandinger-Ness, A., co-I Lee, R.) “A Confocal Stereology Microscope for UNM's Fluorescence Microscopy Core” ARRA 05/01/09-03/31/10

NIDDK 3R301 DK050141 (PI Wandinger-Ness, A.) “Pathologic Mechanisms of Polycystic Kidney Disease” Purchase of Zeiss Axio Observer for 510 META) ARRA Administrative Supplement 09/30/09-09/29/11

NSF DGE-0549500 (PI Osinski, M. co-I, Oliver Co-PI) “Nanotechnology for Cell Biology and Neuroscience” (Purchase of accessories for Olympus IX71) 6/15/06-5/31/11

Matthews Family Fund (PI Lee, R.) “Nuance Spectral Imaging System, Cri” 01/01/09-12/31/-09

Past Facilities and Infrastructure Funding:

NCRR P20 RR11830 (PI Oliver, J., co-I Eaton, P.) “Enhancing Multidisciplinary Research in New Mexico” 9/30/96 ‑ 9/29/99

NCI R24 CA88339 (PI Sklar, L.) “A Shared Resource for UNM Cancer Research” 07/01/00-06/30/05

NCI P20 CA88807 (PI Willman, C.) “University of New Mexico Cancer Center Planning Grant” 07/01/00-06/30/05

Intramural funding 1999-Present: $437,266

  • University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
  • University of New Mexico Cancer Center
  • Department of Pathology