Personal Statement

I am a cancer epidemiologist with research experience in cancer epidemiology in general, and cancer survivorship and intervention development and implementation in particular. My primary interests include physical activity and the interface of aging and cancer. Many older cancer survivors are faced with both age- and treatment-related morbidities that threaten their ability to maintain physical functioning, mobility, and independent living.

I am energized by both the opportunities and challenges of improving the health and well-being of this population. My short-term research plan involves the design and evaluation of interventions to determine if increasing light-intensity activities is a viable approach to encourage older cancer survivors to improve physical functioning, reduce sedentary behavior, and to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle.

My ultimate goal is to improve both the quality and quantity of years lived beyond the cancer diagnosis and treatment. The majority of behavioral interventions (diet, weight loss, exercise) have been conducted in mainstream survivor populations (non-Hispanic white, well-educated, urban, common cancers, etc.) and have not been accessible to the diverse survivorship population. I am particularly interested in developing and disseminating home-based interventions to reach the underserved and understudied survivor populations, especially older individuals from racial-ethnic minorities and rural dwellers, who may be unable or unwilling to travel to clinical research centers.