Dr. Hudson is a UNM Regents’ Professor and a recognized expert in metals toxicology and cancer biology. Her work spans biochemical, cellular, organismal and population studies. She and Dr. Liu pioneered studies that established selectivity of arsenic binding to zinc finger motifs in DNA repair proteins, the consequences of the zinc finger in metal-induced disruption of DNA repair processes, and mechanisms by which zinc ameliorates the effects of arsenic in DNA repair protein targets and DNA repair. She is PI of a Clinical Trial called Thinking Zinc (NCT03908736) in the UNM METALS Superfund Center to test the potential of zinc supplementation to ameliorate adverse effects of environmental metal exposures in Navajo communities.

Dr. Hudson’s successful model of collaborative research and extensive institutional knowledge will benefit applicants to the Pilot Program. Dr. Hudson has been continuously funded by NIH for more than 25 years and served on numerous grant review panels (NIH, DOD and others). In addition, she is an active reviewer for intramural pilot proposals through the UNM CTSC, UNM CCC, American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant, and is past Chair of the HSC Research Allocation Committee Grant pilot program. In addition, Dr. Hudson has considerable experience in research education and training.

As the previous director of the UNM Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program, mentor for trainees and junior faculty, and leader of a successful grant-writing course, Dr. Hudson has outstanding knowledge in results-driven mentorship strategies and activities. She is currently Director of Mentorship at the UNM College of Pharmacy and has held other administrative roles to support research education at the undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral, and faculty levels. Dr. Hudson is a full member of the University of New Mexico Comprehensive Cancer Center (UNM CCC) and active in the UNMCCC Cellular and Molecular Oncology Program and active in leadership of the UNM METALS Superfund Center. Dr. Hudson is committed to bringing her experience to support the goals of the Pilot Program and the NM-INSPIRES Center.