Kano received a Bachelors of University Studies at the University of New Mexico in 1999. She completed a Master of Arts in Anthropology in 2002, and a Doctorate of Philosophy with Distinction in Anthropology at the University of New Mexico in 2013.

Personal Statement

A medical anthropologist by training, Dr. Kano conducts participatory, population based cancer research, and has worked with a number of health disparities designated, ethnic minority, rural and underserved communities. A primary focus of Dr. Kano’s work has been to increase health equity for Sexual and Gender Minority individuals and communities through NIH funded initiatives to improve access to behavioral health counseling, substance use treatment, and primary care (Willging PI), a Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI) Pipeline to Proposal Award (2014-2017) (Kano, PI), and an NCI funded R25 to develop a curriculum for researchers interested in conducting SGM cancer research (Chang and Sanchez, PIs, Kano, Site-PI). Dr. Kano’s current study uses mixed methods approaches to identify factors that contribute to cultural- and cancer-specific challenges experienced by SGM patients receiving oncology, oncology/palliative, and survivorship care, and their informal cancer caregivers (Kano, PI).

Areas of Specialty

Participatory research
Qualitative research design
Health and healthcare disparities
Health education research
Multilevel cancer care delivery research




  • English

Research and Scholarship

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