Personal Statement

After serving the UNM Cancer Center for 20 years in multiple capacities (Associate Director of Basic Research and Shared Resources, and Co-leader of Cancer Biotechnology and Therapeutics Programs) I will transition my expertise in support of the UNM CCC CCSG P30 renewal as senior advisor to bridge stakeholders across CCC Research Programs and facilities.

My expertise includes: 1) small molecule discovery and drug repurposing, (more than 15 years including the Molecular Libraries Program, UNM Cancer Center, and UNM CTSC); 2) high throughput flow cytometry (>20 years as inventor and company founder); 3) management of technology (more than 35 years in shared resource leadership, program management, and translational technology in support of the UNM CTSC, UNM NIEHS Center, UNM Cancer Center P30 and the program in Cancer Therapeutics. I also have expertise in leukocyte biology (more than 35 years). We have completed large screens on more than 100 targets and uploaded more than 13 million wells of data points to PubChem.

Our suspension cell and molecular target platform technology has enabled multiplex and multi-parameter target analysis that includes integrins, efflux transporters, GPCR, and protein assemblies. I have mentored more than 50 trainees at all levels including faculty and students. I have an H-Index of 70 with more than 500 publications/18,000 citations in Web of Science. Listed below are representative patents (of 44) relevant to high throughput screening, precision medicine, and drug discovery and repurposing based on the high throughput flow cytometry technology I invented (commercialized by IntelliCyt, acquired by Sartorius).


Graduate School: Stanford University (1976) Chemistry

Achievements & Awards

The Maralyn S. Budke and Robert E. Anderson Endowed Chair in Cancer Drug Delivery