Dr. Zeng earned his Ph.D. in Kinesiology from the University of Minnesota and completed postdoctoral training in Pediatric Exercise and Nutrition at Colorado State University.

Personal Statement

My primary research interest is in examining the role of physical activity in promoting health and preventing chronic diseases across the lifespan. This encompasses an exploration of the underlying mechanisms through which physical activity influences behavior and the bio-psycho-social health benefits associated with engagement in physical activities. I have a specific interest in increasing physical activity levels among sedentary populations, with a particular emphasis on young children. Additionally, I am keen on physical activity assessment and the utilization of technology, such as eHealth and mHealth, for facilitating behavioral change in physical activity. As a behavioral interventionist with extensive research training in promoting healthy behaviors, my work involves conducting interventions aimed at changing physical activity and nutrition behaviors. This includes encouraging lifelong physical activity participation, promoting healthy eating plans, and advocating for intelligent nutritional choices. A significant portion of my research is centered on health-disparate populations, particularly those with limited resources and individuals residing in rural communities. I adopt an interdisciplinary approach to develop and implement community interventions that promote physical, physiological, and psychological health benefits among underserved populations. My methodology is grounded in rigorous scientific practices, and I collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and diverse partners. I approach research inclusively, aiming to be respectful, culturally sensitive, and economically and geographically feasible.

Areas of Specialty

Health Behavior Change
Childhood Obesity
Mixed-method Designs
Pediatric Nutrition and Exercise
Marginalized Populations




  • Chinese
  • English