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Project ECHO

We believe that the right knowledge at the right place, at the right time can save millions of lives.

The benefits of knowledge are a social good that should be available to everyone.

Together, we empower local communities to access expert knowledge wherever they live. 

Focus Areas

The ECHO Model has proven effective and scalable across disciplines, empowering global change in health, education and civics. 

Project ECHO Stories

Through ECHO, Indian Health Service Expands Access to Care

“With the knowledge I had from ECHO, I was able to help dozens of patients that first year,” Gabrellas said. “Many had suffered with hepatitis C for years but were not able to access treatment.” One of her patients was able to avoid a liver transplant because her health improved drastically once her hepatitis C was treated.

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Access to Expertise

Project ECHO Telementoring Helps Providers Improve HIV Outcomes for Their Patients.

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Kenya: Establishing a New Norm for Health Care

An op-ed by Dr. Kenneth Masamaro, Public Health Specialist and Treatment Advisor, HIV Service Delivery Branch, Division of Global HIV-AIDS and Tuberculosis, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Kenya.

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Headshot of Project ECHO Founder Dr. Sanjeev Arora

People were dying while waiting for treatment – treatment that might have cured many of them. That’s why I started Project ECHO.


Our Story

Dr. Sanjeev Arora , Director and Founder of Project ECHO