Project ECHO

(Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes)

Project ECHO is a revolutionary guided-practice model that reduces health disparities in under-served and remote areas of the state, nation, and world. Through innovative telementoring, the ECHO model uses a hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing approach where expert teams lead virtual clinics, amplifying the capacity for providers to deliver best-in-practice care to the underserved in their own communities.

Project ECHO: Finalist for $100 Million MacArthur Foundation Grant.

We are proud to announce that Project ECHO is a MacArthur Foundation 100&Change finalist. Read their Press Release, and join us as we take steps towards our goal to help a billion people by 2025.

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Find Your TeleECHO Program

Search our interactive map for focus areas near you. Then, contact the teleECHO programs you want to attend directly, or email the Replication Team. You can also get a feel for the ECHO model in action by observing a New Mexico TeleECHO session.

Three individuals participating in the first ever Hepatitis C teleECHO session.

News & Information

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Project ECHO Takes on COVID-19 Pandemic

From the beginning, COVID-19 has forced frontline clinicians to play catch-up...

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Two people sitting in the first ever teleECHO Hepatitis C session

The Right Knowledge in the Right Place at the Right Time

Dr. Sanjeev Arora, Founder and Director of Project ECHO shares how it brings specialist medical knowledge to the communities that need it most.

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Human Resources for Health: ECHO in Africa

Implementation and evaluation of a Project ECHO telementoring program for the Namibian HIV workforce

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