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Project ECHO

We believe that the right knowledge at the right place, at the right time can save millions of lives.

The benefits of knowledge are a social good that should be available to everyone.

Together, we empower local communities to access expert knowledge wherever they live. 

Focus Areas

The ECHO Model has proven effective and scalable across disciplines, empowering global change in health, education and civics. 

Project ECHO Stories

Tuberculosis Treatment Access for Women and Children

Women and children experience almost 45% of the tuberculosis cases in India, but they are the least likely to receive comprehensive treatment that can cure the disease. In partnership with India’s Ministry of Health, ECHO India, an independent nonprofit trust established in 2008 in partnership with Project ECHO, intends to change that and create equitable care for all.

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The ECHO Network in Africa Mitigates a Crisis

In September 2022, an Ebola outbreak across Uganda seemed certain. This particular strain of the highly infectious disease, a hemorrhagic virus that spreads through fluids like blood and sweat, was showing a 50 percent fatality rate. “The bottom line is: this was very, very scary,” says Irene Atuhairwe Duhaga, country director for Seed Global Health, a nonprofit partnering with Project ECHO.

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Having Difficult Conversations: Violence Prevention Program

The Violence Prevention ECHO is an 8-week, one-hour-per-week virtual program for all health professionals, first responders, public health professionals, legal personnel, and educators. The virtual mentorship is designed to increase knowledge and self-efficacy regarding the multi-factorial causes of violence including domestic violence, interpersonal violence, suicide, social determinants of health, environmental justice, and gun safety.

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Headshot of Project ECHO Founder Dr. Sanjeev Arora

People were dying while waiting for treatment – treatment that might have cured many of them. That’s why I started Project ECHO.


Our Story

Dr. Sanjeev Arora , Director and Founder of Project ECHO

In 2022, Project ECHO helped more people, in more places, than ever before.