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Celebrate 20 Years of Project ECHO at MetaECHO 2023

Project ECHO

We believe that the right knowledge at the right place, at the right time can save millions of lives.

The benefits of knowledge are a social good that should be available to everyone.

Together, we empower local communities to access expert knowledge wherever they live. 

Focus Areas

The ECHO Model has proven effective and scalable across disciplines, empowering global change in health, education and civics. 

Project ECHO Stories

Young People in Africa Lead the Fight against HIV

“We use ECHO's case management process to review cases together and solve difficult problems,” says Peggy Kuchocha. “Every month we talk about challenging situations, including issues of mental health, and often we have to talk about cases involving sexual and other physical violence.”

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Sudan Tackles UN Sustainable Development Goals

“If we want to build sustainable relationships, we need to go beyond health,” Dr. Fadul says. “We need to address all of the issues that lead to public health, like water, waste, and telecommunications. And we need to provide equity in knowledge.”

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Ethiopian Hospitals Improve Care for Mothers and Babies

“Delayed core clamping was such a good project for them to pick, because it doesn't require a lot of resources,” says Duke Health neonatologist Sharla Rent, MD, a team leader. “It literally is just a knowledge practice change so they didn't need extra supplies or a lot of extra training and it [lent itself] to quicker implementation.”

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Headshot of Project ECHO Founder Dr. Sanjeev Arora

People were dying while waiting for treatment – treatment that might have cured many of them. That’s why I started Project ECHO.


Our Story

Dr. Sanjeev Arora , Director and Founder of Project ECHO

In 2022, Project ECHO helped more people, in more places, than ever before.