The Values of ECHO Institute

Seven values guide everything we do.

Service to the Underserved

Committing our efforts to building "a better society, one that is more just and more loving."(1)

Democratization of Knowledge 

Sharing resources, knowledge, tim.e and talents freely across the organization, the movement, and the world.

Trust and Respect 

Working from a place where we give the best of ourselves, we assume the best of others, and we communicate openly, honestly, and with regard for others.

Excellence and Accountability

Maximizing our individual and organizational potential, contributing to the best of our ability, seeking to be better, and owning our mistakes.

Joy of Work 

Nurturing an environment that allows us each to do what we do best and balance our energy.



Recognizing that achieving our ambitions requires collective contribution and collaborative effort and cultivating a culture where we support each other, pitch in, and work together

Innovation and Learning 

Fostering continuous evolution and new creative ideas that have the power to change the world through learning and experimentation

(1) Robert K. Greenleaf, "The Servant as Leader"