What They are Saying about ECHO for Cancer

Cancer ECHO Videos

 Dr. Matthew Bouchonville discusses Project ECHO, an overview of its uses for Endocrinology disparity reduction, and a case for its use in cancer care delivery worldwide.

Moderator: Patti Doykos, PhD, Director, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation
Speakers: Daniel Osei-Fofie, MD, Head of the Oncology Department at Kimberley Hospital and Clinical Head of Oncology for the Northern Cape, Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH, VP and Division Head for Cancer Prevention & Population Sciences at MD Anderson Cancer Center Project ECHO Superhub, Laura Makaroff, DO, Interim Senior VP Cancer Prevention and Detection, American Cancer Society, Lisa Stevens, PhD, Deputy Director, National Cancer Institute - Center for Global Health.

Moderator: Patti Doykos, PhD, Director, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation
Panelists: Roopa Hariprasad, MD, National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, Brenda Kostelecky, PhD, National Cancer Institute Center for Global Health, Kathleen Schmeler, MD, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center and Richard Wender, MD, American Cancer Society.

Ernest Hawk, MD, MPH, Vice President of Cancer Prevention & Population Sciences
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Project ECHO Superhub

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