Opioid and Pain Related ECHOs

Different ECHO programs around the world are using evidence-based approaches with a focus on case-based learning to help develop healthcare professionals’ confidence and familiarity with opioid- and pain-related topics.

When you join an ECHO program, you use videoconferencing technology to regularly connect to a community of learners. (To learn more how the ECHO model, watch this brief video.) There are many opioid- and pain-related ECHO programs that offer no-cost teleECHO sessions.

Use the interactive tool below to help find an ECHO program that meets your needs; then simply click on the envelope to email the program’s contact person for details about how to join. If you have any questions about this webpage, contact us at opioidECHO@salud.unm.edu.

If you are interested in launching an opioid- or pain-related ECHO program, please contact the Replication Team.