Quality Improvement Initiatives

Quality Improvement (QI) has been and can be integrated into the ECHO model in a variety of different ways. Whether with the goal of teaching quality improvement science, improving and measuring implementation of best practices, or reducing disparities in care, this use of the model is innovative and relatively new.

We are developing a small team to support this application of the ECHO model and are here to help in any way we can as you embark on this journey. At the ECHO Institute we are testing use of the model for QI, as we know partners are also doing, and are actively working to gather and share information to better understand what works and recommendations for future implementers.

  • Reimagining the Way QI Knowledge is Delivered
  • Demonopolizing QI Expertise
  • Expanding QI Science Application through Innovative Use of the ECHO Model

Focal Areas for Developing a QI ECHO

What Defines a QI ECHO?

There is a spectrum of implementation that we are actively working to better define:

  • Emphasis on Practicing QI Content
    • To teach QI science (Model for Improvement, Lean, etc.)
    • Individual participants have their own QI projects with non-standardized/uncoordinated topics
    • Focus for participants on applying the learned QI content to learner-specific environments
  • Emphasis on reaching common improvement goals using QI methodologies
    • Learners work towards an agreed improvement aim (ECHO-wide) by testing out individualized interventions
    • Examples: Using the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Breakthrough Series Collaborative Model or Maintenance of Certification Part IV: Improving Professional Practice/Quality Improvement (MOC IV) as an incentive
  • Emphasis on improving learner-specific goals without a common QI goal
    • To loosely engage in QI work, without specifically teaching QI science/methodologies/tools
  • Emphasis on improving internal ECHO processes using QI methodologies
    • To improve upon the operational processes and procedures, goals, community engagement, and more

Join Us!

QI ECHO Collaborative

This community is open to members of the ECHO Community (signed partners or not) interested in or already using the ECHO model for QI. We aim to create a safe space to share barriers and successes, as well as opportunities for collaboration, via monthly Zoom calls.

Participants have an opportunity to present their ECHO challenges and gather feedback for solutions from fellow partners. Guest speakers and current replicators are invited to speak on their work or other varying topics related to QI and ECHO.

Contact Us

Contact QIECHO@salud.unm.edu to reach our QI Team.

QI ECHO Hubs and Programs

QI ECHO Partners' Highlights and Activities

"Hear Me and Heal the Health Care System" by Adam Thompson, Regional Partner Director, Center for Quality Improvement and Innovation

Crossing the Global Quality Chasm: An Interview with Don Berwick by Susan Dentzer

QI and ECHO Resources