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How ECHO Works

What if everyone could get the high-quality services they need, from local people they know and trust?

Using proven adult learning techniques and interactive video technology, the ECHO Model™ connects groups of community providers with specialists at centers of excellence in regular real-time collaborative sessions.

The sessions, designed around case-based learning and mentorship, help local workers gain the expertise required to provide needed services.

Providers gain skills and confidence; specialists learn new approaches for applying their knowledge across diverse cultural and geographical contexts. As the capacity of the local workforce increases, lives improve.

The Principles of the ECHO Model

  • Amplification - use technology to leverage scarce resources
  • Best practices - to reduce disparity
  • Case-based learning - to master complexity
  • Data:-monitor outcomes with our web-based database

 All Teach, All Learn

When all the principles are applied, a learning community in which "All Teach and All Learn" comes together. This includes:

  • Interactive Components
  • Guided Practice
  • Ongoing Mentorship
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning
  • Collaborative Problem Solving
Photo of three individuals sitting in a TeleECHO session.

See ECHO in Action

Sit in on an open TeleECHO session to see what it's all about.

*All data represented from 2003 to 2020.

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