WHO Africa COVID-19 Response

WHO COVID-19 Collaborations

Early on in the pandemic, Project ECHO started supporting the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa (WHO AFRO) disseminating information to healthcare providers and public health officials. Several other programs hosted by WHO AFRO have launched addressing COVID-19 and HIV related topics in the context of the pandemic. Here is an overview of the various programs.

WHO COVID-19 Webinars

Hosted by WHO AFRO

These webinars have been ongoing since April 2020, addressing a wide variety of COVID-19 related topics and vary in frequency.

Resources from the webinars are accessible from the Afro COVID-19 Response page under Past Sessions.

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WHO AFRO ECHO Initiative

On July 23, 2020, the WHO AFRO ECHO initiative launched with the goal to establish a number of virtual communities of practice (VCOPs) aimed at strengthening health services in networks of all 47 member states of the region, and achieving Universal Health Coverage. The sessions are being used to disseminate WHO policy, guidelines and standards, and for sharing best practices and mentoring.

Currently there are several programs under this initiative.

Preventing HIV through Safe, Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in Generalized HIV Epidemics

This teleECHO program provides an introduction and overview of guidelines for HIV prevention through voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMV) as part of a combination of prevention strategies in high-burden settings.

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Regional Proficiency Testing Scheme for HIV Viral-Load Testing and Early Infant Diagnosis in the Context of COVID-19

This teleECHO program is designed to orient participants to disseminating proficiency testing (PT) results and identifying route course analysis. It is a priority to advance the viral-load testing cascade for early infant diagnosis (EID), and strengthen the underlying laboratory systems.

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WHO HIV Pediatrics and Adolescent Updates

This teleECHO program will disseminate policy briefs, and highlight WHO programmatic implementations while addressing the associated operational challenges and potential solutions.

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Viral Load Data Quality

This teleECHO program includes the dissemination of the 2020 WHO-UNAIDS-PEPFAR global fund joint data quality module for assessing and strengthening viral-load testing data within HIV programs and the patient monitoring system.

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WHO AFRO COVID-19 Case Management Series

This teleECHO program is intended to provide a platform for disseminating training in the area of case management of COVID-19, and to establish a free platfom for African clinicians to share their research, knowledge, and practices in the management of COVID-19.

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WHO AFRO Infectious Disease Surveillance and Response ECHOs

This teleECHO program is the Infectious Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) 3rd edition teleECHO, intended to scale up in the districts. It includes implementation of an IDSR virtual community of practice (VCOP) to support the IDSR programs in all 47 WHO AFRO countries.