IHS TeleECHO Programs

The pandemic of SARS COV-2 virus (COVID-19) has had a profound impact on both health care providers and American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) patients. Indian Health Service (IHS) and Project ECHO are uniting to address the particular health struggles of AI/AN communities across the United States. 

Community Health 

This ECHO develops skills and knowledge applicable to the community level response to COVID-19 with an emphasis on social determinants and the public health scope of practice. Go to Community Health Echo

COVID-19 TeleECHO Program

The IHS COVID-19 sessions convene IHS, tribal and urban area providers from around the U.S., many working in rural areas with limited resources, in crucial real-time, peer-to-peer clinical learning.  Go to COVID-19 TeleECHO Program

Mental Health & Resiliency

Support is provided to healthcare providers in treating the mental health concerns of AI/AN patients and supporting peers during the pandemic crisis and its aftermath, while also managing their own wellbeing. Go to Mental Health & Resiliency

Substance Use Disorder & Chronic Pain 

Comprehensive pain education is provided to healthcare professionals, including pain assessment, non-pharmacological, pharmacological, and interventional approaches, and addiction and overdose prevention as we move forward in the time of COVID-19. Go to Substance Use Disorder & Chronic Pain