MetaECHO® 2016

MetaECHO® 2016 brought together Project ECHO’s global replication partners, providers and health policy experts, government officials, academic leaders, and funders – all committed to a collective goal of touching one billion lives by 2025.

Keynote Speeches

ECHO Talks

Panel Discussions

  • Making Medical Care a True Team Sport: Thomas Bodenheimer, MD-Center for Excellence in Primary Care (Moderator); Chris Ruge, FNP-ECHO Care, El Centro Family Health; Bob DeFelice-CEO, First Choice Community Healthcare; Roger Chaufournier-CEO, CSI Solutions, LLC
  • Confronting the Epidemic of Addiction: Susan Dentzer-President and CEO of The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation (Moderator); Senator Jeff Bingaman (NM-Ret); Prabhat Chand, MD-NIMHANS; Kana Enomoto-Acting Director, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Administration; Penny Mills-President, American Society of Addiction Medicine; Miriam Komaromy, MD-Associate Director, ECHO Institute
  • Spurring a New Era in Cancer Care: Robert Winn, MD-Director, University of Illinois Cancer Center (Moderator); Ellen Baker, MD-Project ECHO, MD Anderson Cancer Center; Chris Carey, RN-Su Clinica; Patricia Mae Doykos, PhD-Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation; Fernanda Nozar, MD-Universidad de la Republica
  • Update from the ECHO Institute: ECHO System Overview: Jonathan Wolfe, Ph.D., IT Director, ECHO Institute
  • Superhubs and the Vision to Touch 1 Billion: Erika Harding, MA–Director of Replication, ECHO Institute (Moderator); Kumud Rai, MD-ECHO India Trust; Sandy Root-Elledge, MA-Executive Director, Wyoming Institute for Disabilities, University of Wyoming Project ECHO; Ramesh Sachdeva, MD-The American Academy of Pediatrics Project ECHO; Max Watson, MD-ECHO Northern Ireland