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Partner Portal 

Our Portal catalogs the innovative ways the ECHO Model is improving lives every day in health care, education and more. Whether it's programs supporting K-12 teachers across the country during a global pandemic or providing resources and training for New Mexicans who are incarcerated, the ECHO Model is creating long-term change. 

If you are a partner and need to connect with a member of the ECHO Partner Support Team, please contact us or schedule a support meeting.

Focus Areas

The ECHO Model has proven effective and scalable across disciplines, empowering global change in health, education and civics. 

Project ECHO Stories

Access to Expertise

Project ECHO Telementoring Helps Providers Improve HIV Outcomes for Their Patients.

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Kenya: Establishing a New Norm for Health Care

An op-ed by Dr. Kenneth Masamaro, Public Health Specialist and Treatment Advisor, HIV Service Delivery Branch, Division of Global HIV-AIDS and Tuberculosis, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-Kenya.

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Future Prospects

On World Hepatitis Day, Dr. Sanjeev Arora Sees Opportunities For Better Diagnostics and Greater Access to Treatment.

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Together, our global community is working to eliminate health and social disparities.

Being part of ECHO means being part of global change.