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Community Health Needs Assessment

The UNM Health System is committed to meeting the health care needs of our community and state. So we’ve attended forums to get community feedback and analyzed data to determine service needs and priorities.

Many New Mexico communities lack the resources required for proper medical care. As of May 2015, more than 800,000 residents in New Mexico are receiving Medicaid coverage, just over 38 percent of the state population. With a high population living in poverty (20.8 percent), UNM Health System is committed to expanding access to care.

Community Health Needs Assessment & Priorities

Our new CHNA for 2019-2020 is underway now.  We need your input!

We will refresh this schedule as new sessions are added.

Download the Community Health Needs Assessments

To learn more about our dedication to the health of our community, download our community health needs assessments:

In its 2015 community health needs assessment, University of New Mexico Hospitals (UNMH) outlined several priorities for Bernalillo County:

  • Assuring healthcare coverage for all county residents.
  • Assuring Native American health care obligations are met by UNMH.
  • Increasing availability of behavioral health services.
  • Building an integrated system of primary care and navigation support.
  • Providing continuity of care for incarcerated people.

Sandoval County Priorities

In its most recent community health needs assessment, UNM Sandoval Regional Medical Center noted the following priorities for Sandoval County:

  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Access to Health Care
  • Chronic Care Prevention and Management Services

Community Input

To support the health priorities and our data collection process, UNM Health receives input from people with expertise in public health, including:

  • Community advocacy organizations, such as New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty.
  • Community partner organizations.
  • Representatives from counties served.
  • Representatives from the City of Albuquerque.
  • Other health organizations and officials.

Implementation Strategy

UNM Health System works to implement the community health needs assessment in the following ways:

  1. Assessment of needs – Will be conducted utilizing broad community input from time to time as indicated.
  2. Determine areas of focus – Based on the assessment, priority areas of focus will be developed in consultation with community members and organizations.
  3. Internal program and policy development – Will be coordinated to assure that priorities of the community health assessment are accounted for.
  4. Implementation plan around identified issues – Will be developed as part of the ongoing strategic planning process for the health system.
  5. Program implementation – Will be evaluated to determine if the desired outcomes are achieved or adjustments are needed.
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