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Quality & Safety

The UNM Health System takes our commitment to high-quality care seriously. That’s why you’ll find information on our performance and steps we’ve taken to ensure you stay safe when you’re with us.

Advanced Academic Health Care

As a patient of UNM Health System, you’ll benefit from the unique resources of the state’s only academic medical center. An academic medical hospital is one where the clinical staff – including doctors and nurses – not only take care of patients, but also teach a new generation of caregivers. Our staffers are leaders in research and medical discoveries, all at the forefront of innovations in medical care.

Dedicated to Quality

The Institute of Medicine defines high-quality health care as “…safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.” UNM Health System strives to ensure the care we provide exceeds these standards. We’re national leaders in core measures, particularly for our performance in efficiency and equity.

Patient Safety

UNM Health believes outstanding patient care doesn’t happen without a commitment to patient safety. Hospitals are complicated, and during a hospital stay, you may work with multiple caregivers and receive many medications, tests and procedures.

By putting systems in place to standardize care, UNM Health has taken steps to lower the risk of harm or injuries from your treatment. We have launched aggressive campaigns to reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections and pay close attention to hand hygiene and sterile materials, all which have lowered the risk of infections in our facilities. We are also national leaders in preventing blood clots in hospitalized patients, a complication that can be life-threatening.

Access to Care

Because UNM Health is the state's primary safety net hospital and its sole source of tertiary (highly specialized) care, demand for our services is extremely high. We excel at providing high-quality care, but gaining access to these services can be difficult.

 To alleviate this challenge, UNM Health has launched initiatives to improve timeliness of appointments, care and emergency services, and the availability of transfer beds. Many of these initiatives focus on processing patients more efficiently so caregivers can see more patients, and more of the appointment time is spent on care, not paperwork. 

Quality Data for Common Conditions

UNM Health measures several facets of quality and safety to ensure you get high-quality care. When possible, we report our outcomes; where outcomes data are unavailable, you can read our quality measures process

Patient Satisfaction Ratings

We take feedback from our patients very seriously. Upon discharge, you’ll be surveyed about your experience at UNM Health hospitals and facilities. The data is then reported to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services so that the public can compare data between hospitals and make informed care choices.
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