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Hospital Partners | ACCESS Telemedicine | The University of New Mexico

When UNM ACCESS Telemedicine became self-sustaining in 2018, nearly half of New Mexico’s hospitals — 18 out of 40 — had implemented the program. Our goal is to reach 100 percent of New Mexico hospitals through telemedicine. We believe every hospital statewide should have access to affordable, on-call neurology and neurosurgery expertise. 

ACCESS Telemedicine Hospital Partners

ACCESS Telemedicine gives patients and providers confidence that their local hospital offers neurology and neurosurgery expertise. These specialties aren’t always readily available on-staff, especially in New Mexico’s critical access hospitals. 

Our hospital partners also gain access to education and technology support for their providers and staff. Getting up and running, including contracting and training, takes about six months. Learn more about how ACCESS Telemedicine works.

These hospital partners have joined ACCESS Telemedicine:

Hospital Partner Success Stories

New Mexico hospitals are doing great things through telemedicine. Learn more below, read our telemedicine success stories or stay in touch with news about UNM ACCESS Telemedicine.

Learn More About UNM ACCESS Telemedicine 

For more information on joining the UNM ACCESS Telemedicine network, read about how to get involved, or contact us.

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