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Vascular Care & Treatment

Trust UNM Health System to provide the best possible vascular care in the state. Our expert staff is experienced at diagnosing and treating a number of different vascular conditions using some of the following noninvasive tests:

  • Vascular abdominal ultrasound
    • Ultrasounds make pictures inside the body and are completely safe. In this test we will move a probe across your stomach. The probe sends out waves, which are then sent to a computer. It provides your physician with a picture of the inside of your abdomen.
  • Vascular ankle brachial index
    • This is a quick test to check the flow of blood to your legs and is also known as an Ankle-Brachial Index, or ABI. This test will measure the blood pressure in both your arms and both your ankles to determine if the arteries in your arms or legs are narrowed or blocked. People with this problem have a high risk of heart attack, stroke, blood flow and leg pain.  An ultrasound device is used to make waveforms, which allows the technician to hear the pulse in your arteries when the blood pressure cuff relaxes.
  • Vascular ultrasound
    • In this procedure we will move a probe across your skin. The resulting images from the ultrasound will help your physician ensure your veins and arteries are functioning properly.
We are dedicated to the health of our patients, and we are committed to providing the highest possible care in all situations.

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