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Orthopaedic Treatment Options

The physicians at the UNM Health System’s Orthopaedics Center specialize in diagnosing and treating over a dozen conditions: from fractures and sprains to arthritis and scoliosis. From neck and back pain to shoulder and elbow problems, our team will work with you to find the best treatment plan for your condition.

UNM Hospital is the only Level I Trauma Center in New Mexico, which means that our medical facilities, departments and specialists undergo rigorous training in order to provide the highest level or orthopaedic care possible.

Conservative Treatment Options

Surgery is typically only a last resort for most orthopaedic issues, so for the majority of conditions we usually recommend more conservative options such as anti-inflammatory medication and/or physical therapy.

  • Physical therapy – Your physician may suggest a platform of daily exercises to help strengthen and improve range of motion in an area of the body affected by disease or injury.
  • Medications – Combined with other forms of treatment, medications can be highly effective in many cases.
  • Braces – These may be prescribed in order to decrease stress and rest an affected bodily area. 

Orthopaedic Surgical Options

There are times when the only possible treatment is surgery. For more information please see our Orthopaedic Surgery page.

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