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Medication Refill Service

The Centralized Refill Service (CRS) is a resource offered by UNM Health System to help patients obtain an authorization for medication refills from his or her providing physician. The CRS staff will need the following information when filling a prescription:

  • Name
  • Medical Record Number
  • Physician/Provider name
  • Name and strength of medication
  • How you are taking the medication
  • Pharmacy where you fill your prescription
  • The last time you filled your prescription

If you use a pharmacy that is not located at the University of New Mexico, such as a retail pharmacy, call your pharmacy and request the refill for the medication that you need. The pharmacy will fax the information that is needed to the CRS and we will contact your provider/doctor to request the refill for you.

If you use a University of New Mexico pharmacy, call your clinic from the list of phone numbers below. Select the medication refill option.

On weekends and evenings, you may leave the above detailed information on voice mail. It will help if you leave a return phone number so that we can contact you if we have any questions. The CRS will contact your provider/doctor to request the refill for you.

You can call your pharmacy after 3 days to see if your prescription has been filled.

UNM Health System Clinics Serviced by the CRS

Name of ClinicPhone number
Family & Internal Medicine Clinic (1209 University NE)505-272-4400
Family Health Clinic (7801 Academy NE)505-272-4400
Family Health Clinic (4808 McMahon NW)505-272-2900
General Medicine Clinic (5th floor, UNMH)505-272-3830
Medicine Faculty Clinic (5th floor, UNMH)505-272-3850
Senior Health Clinic (1101 Medical Arts, Bldg 4)505-272-1754
Lobo Care Clinic (1101 Medical Arts, Bldg 4)505-272-3935
Family Health Clinic (8200 Central SE)505-272-5885
Family Practice Center (2400 Tucker NE)505-272-1734
Center for Women's Health (4th floor, UNMH)505-272-2245
Center for Women's Health Faculty (801 Encinco Pl. NE)505-272-4940
Dermatology Clinic (1021 Medical Arts NE)505-272-6222
Truman Clinic (625 Truman NE)505-272-1312
General Adult Neurology (1st floor, UNMH)505-272-3160
Mind Clinic (1101 Yale NE)505-272-0760
Eye Clinic (1st floor, UNMH)505-272-2553
Eye Clinic (1600 University NE)505-272-6222
Urology Clinic (2nd floor, UNMH)505-272-3189
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