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Adult Asthma Clinic

Patients who have difficulty managing their asthma can count on experts at the UNM Health System’s Adult Asthma Clinic for help in easing symptoms. UNM Health System experts provide specialized care for patients with mild to severe asthma. Asthma is a chronic disease that affects your airways so that they’re inflamed and swollen, making them sensitive to things in the environment. When your airways are affected, they become narrow and your lungs have difficulty getting air.

Patients can learn about and get info on:

  • How to use a metered dose inhaler.
  • How to use a spacer.
  • How to avoid irritants.
  • Home treatments.
  • Action plans for mild to severe asthmatics

Patients who may benefit from the adult asthma clinic include those with increased hospitalization and frequent visits to the emergency department or those with poorly controlled asthma, or if there is difficulty in diagnosis.

Talk to your provider about obtaining a referral to the clinic.

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