Dr. Tawil taking a moment for some bedside teaching about biventricular failure, Impela devices and ECMO

Emergency Critical Care

Our residents do a minimum of 5 months of ICU. We have the largest cohort of dual-trained EM-Critical Care faculty in the country and most also practice in the ED. Another spearheaded our innovative ED Resuscitation Unit initiative that has elevated our ED resuscitation care. More recently, Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) was instituted in the ED along with eCPR. Our Critical Care track residents train to gain expertise in cannuluation and ECMO physiology and residents work with the same faculty in both settings. 

Community Engagement

Community involvement is the one of the founding principles of our program. Since the start we have required a community project, in addition to the RRC-required scholarly and QA projects. This is not intended to be onerous as we ask only 20 hours of involvement in the 3 years of residency, and the intent is for our residents to have connections to the community. As a department we have wide involvement in the community, and many of our resident projects are through these connections.

Our department and residency values community outreach and engagement. We host school groups regularly (photo taken pre-COVID).