Welcome to the only specialized Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Clinic in New Mexico. MS is a chronic, inflammatory and immune mediated disease of the central nervous system, affecting the optic nerves, brain and spinal cord. It is a leading cause of disability among young adults and can cause a variety of neurological symptoms.


Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis:

MS can be associated with symptoms such as:

Painful vision loss

Double vision

Arm or leg weakness

Numbness and tingling

Muscle stiffness and spasms

Vertigo and imbalance

Bowel or bladder issues


Your visit at our MS clinic will start with a diagnostic consultation. Our MS providers will review your history, conduct a physical examination and review your data and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) if you have had one. We offer additional comprehensive diagnostic testing if needed.


Treating Multiple Sclerosis:

There are now many effective and emerging treatments for MS. If you receive a diagnosis of MS, you’ll work with neurologists, pharmacists, nurses and therapists to develop a personalized treatment plan. Our care team will work with you to identify the best disease modifying treatment for your situation and help manage your symptoms long term, so you can enjoy the most productive, fulfilling life possible.


We offer:

  • Disease-specific treatments to reduce symptoms, prevent relapses and new MRI lesions, prevent disability and slow disease progression
  • Rehabilitation, which increases energy, mobility, communication abilities and skills needed for everyday life
  • Pain management, including medications, injections, behavioral health care and other approaches that can make you feel more comfortable
  • NEW! Telemedicine video visits to reduce travel burden and COVID-19 exposure
  • We also offer cutting-edge clinical trials for patients who qualify for and may be interested in the next generation of promising MS therapies